Synergy Fitness

There are several components to MMA strength and conditioning, although the two primary ones are strength and cardio.  These, for the most part, encompass the other aspects of conditioning to some extent or another.  Other traits often associated with conditioning are power, anaerobic threshold, balance, flexibility, and mobility. We cover it all and help you prepare to be your best!

Personal Training

After a FREE health assessment, one of our certified ACSM Health Fitness Specialists will tailor a custom exercise prescription for you. We will also provide you with dietary guidelines to fit you and your goals. One on one hourly sessions can be scheduled with direct supervision from your own personal trainer.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp Training often starts with dynamic stretching, warm-up drills, followed by a wide variety of interval training which includes: Lifting weights and implements, TRX straps, pushups/sit-ups, plyometric, and various types of intense explosive exercises. The Boot Camps last 4-6 weeks and are available through Synergy and DTS. These will vary in structure and sometimes target exclusive groups such as women’s-only so look out for one that best fits you!

Caveman Training

Stepping away from your traditional gym setting, Caveman XP-Training mixes your core lifting routines with high intensity circuits, tires, sleds, kettlebells, ropes, and sledge hammers are just some of the tools used here at DTS. Classes are led by exercise science and college graduates holding ACSM certifications who are determined to lead you to the best shape of your life!