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Why join Synergy Combat Sports?

FullSizeRenderThe School Environment:

The environment at Synergy Combat Sports is one that promotes a positive learning atmosphere with a competitive edge to go along with it. Synergy Combat Sports caters to everyone willing to train. Whether an individual wants to train in order to get in peak physical condition or just as a source to relieve stress, Synergy Combat Sports is a suitable spot to help individuals reach their satisfactions. All of the instructors of Synergy Combat Sports have adopted the mindset of promoting the best available training opportunities for the students of Synergy Combat Sports training. With that said, all of our students have the ability to choose up to what level they feel comfortable engaging in.


Our instructors are all highly experienced in their field, with extensive hours of training in their respective discipline. Our carefully structured curriculum ensures that all of our students progress at the most efficient rate possible. They have worked with many well-respected teachers throughout their careers, and have dedicated time to learn how to properly teach people. They will strive to provide the student with the most practical and reliable technique of their knowledge to help you reach your goals, whether the goal is to get into shape, build confidence, or become a renown competitor of a specific discipline, rest assured the staff of Synergy Combat Sports will help students in every way possible to achieve them.

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Matt Coleman:

To be the beast, you must free the beast within. It's a mantra. It's a mentality. It's a lifestyle that's engrained in my soul. From the minute my alarm sounds at six AM till the moment my skull hits the pillow at one in the morning, I transform into the beast. I am constantly charging forward and attacking life at full speed. There's no other way to live.

I spend the morning doing construction. It allows me to support my family. In the afternoons, I'm teaching combat and self-defense to a growing legion of students. It empowers my community. And as for the night, I stay after hours in the gym and train for upcoming fights because I'm hellbent on conquering my dreams. But, to me, fighting is more than a road to meeting a goal or dream.

My brother passed away eight years ago. He was special needs, and was trapped in a house burned to death. That nearly crippled me and, really, the martial arts were the only outlet where I could unleash that anger, frustration and despair. Somewhere, along the way, I fell in love with it and I began to dream of a new dream to be a fighter and run a successful gym and now, with a special needs child of my own, a family to support and a community behind me, I am determined to show everyone that dreams can, and do, come true.

If you're not living your life to the fullest, then you're robbing yourself from the potential and I refuse to waste my potential. Time is short, and, for me, there's no other way to live. Be the beast. I am the beast.